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Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and Miss J. Alexander Explain ANTM Departure

Fans of America’s Next Top Model were shocked to hear that panel veterans Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and Miss J. Alexander were sacked from the show by Tyra Banks herself. We were all wondering, why!?

Thankfully, the three men spoke with Showbiz Tonight and told us how they really feel about leaving the beloved reality show.

“I feel a little sad,” said Barker. “It defined a decade for myself. You put your heart and soul into a show like this”

Alexander said he got yellow roses from Banks before he was fired perhaps to soften the blow.

Manuel admits their contracts were over and that the show needed to change because of falling ratings. Although, they are not sure that the decision to fire them would necessarily help boost ratings.

“It was a bit of a shock none the less,” said Barker. “I was certainly not expecting it. I have had inklings about [getting fired] and certainly over the years I’d been warned about it.”

Alexander says his and Tyra’s relationship is okay saying, “We spoke on the phone, so I am good. I think it is time that we go on.”

Watch the full interview here:

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