Updated: June 3, 2021

What is TopModel?

TopModel is a decentralized open source platform that puts creators in control and provides them with a new way to interact with their fanbase through exclusive NFT drops and premium content sales. NFTs literally create entirely new experiences for creators and their fans. TopModel NTFs allow creators to offer, and users to seek out unique experiences or own products they cannot get from centralized alternatives like OnlyFans, Patreon or Gumroad - and all at premium pricing.

NFTs are still an emerging and highly disruptive technology that will transform the way models and influencers can interact with, and monetize from, their fans.It has never been better to take advantage of this industry explosion. In January of 2021, NFTs accounted for a record $80M of transaction volume. NFTs are wildly popular and sales are growing at an exponential rate which represents a rapidly growing opportunity for crypto-centric commerce. In fact, we anticipate a TopModel user-base in the millions within the next year.

TopModel is for entertainers, models, social media influencers, celebrities... and anyone who has a fanbase! With multiple revenue streams, a user-friendly platform and an arsenal of tools and support, TopModel is a robust solution for creators who want to maximize their income. Powered by open source blockchain technology from a team with over 20 years of industry-leading experience, TopModel is the #1 next generation creator platform in 2021.

An Introduction to Blockchain and NFTs

Blockchain is a decentralized public network that allows anyone to securely store and transfer both information and currency instantly. More specifically, blockchain refers to blocks of data, that when linked together, form a chain. Whenever a new block is added to the chain, it makes it harder to modify which means the blockchain actually becomes more secure over time. Because every action is recorded and stored in each information block, and the blocks are permanent, time stamped, and secured, this makes blockchain completely accurate - nothing is left out. At the same time, blockchain is also fully decentralized, which simply means it is distributed over millions of computers in the blockchain network as opposed to one private company computer or network. This decentralization allows information stored on the blockchain to be fully accessible to everyone.

Simply put, technologies built upon the blockchain have the ability to become massive and disrupt entire industries. In fact, a fitting example of these disruptive new technology products to emerge from blockchain technology are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Similar to the old way that collectors, fans and superfans collected fine art, posters, trading cards, DVD's and other physical memorabilia from their favourite artists, athletes, celebrities, musicians and actors or actresses; TopModel NFTs are simply a digital version of these same collectibles. NFTs can also unlock other physical goods or products, other digital content (like fine art), and act as access tokens to digital or in-person experiences. The creative applications and use of NFTs is nearly unlimited and represents an exciting new revenue opportunity for creators.

The Problem with Existing Creator Platforms


Centralized creator platforms, like OnlyFans, Patreon and Gumroad, are owned by private corporations. Full control and all decision-making is in the hands of only a select few - the owners of these privately held corporations. This means creators are at the whim of these owners and their sometimes poor decision-making. A perfect example of this is when OnlyFans suddenly announced new caps and restrictions on how much fans can tip creators after Bella Thorne earned over $1M in a single day on OnlyFans. The result of these caps was a severe cut to creators’ income.

Limited Revenue Opportunities

Current creator platforms rely on premium content sales as a single source of revenue. For creators, this means monetizing through a high-volume and low-cost subscription model where they are reliant on constantly growing the number of their paying fans to grow their income. For the platform, this means charging a high commission fee on all creator content sales, which further reduces creator income.

Unreliable Payment Processing

Being reliant on third-party payment processors, like Visa and Mastercard, who have strict Terms and Conditions of Use, leaves creator platforms vulnerable to having payments cut off at any time as these credit card companies are cracking down hard on platforms with any unverified, illegal or anonymous content uploads. This recent crack-down has also had ripple effects with the privately held corporations who own the creator platforms by losing banking, being cut-off by other payment processors who follow suit (like PayPal), and even facing costly tax audits. In addition, third-party payment processors take up to ten business days and cost more to process transactions and transfer funds which ultimately reduces creator liquidity and further reduces creator income.

Broken Verification System

Many creator platforms, including OnlyFans, still struggle to enforce proper age verification which can lead to being cut off by large payment processors like Visa and Mastercard, expensive lawsuits, and even criminal charges. For creators, there is a growing problem of creators being blocked without cause, holds being placed on creators’ accounts, or even creators being deleted from platforms all together due to faulty verification processes.

The TopModel Solution


TopModel is a decentralized platform, that is, it is owned by creators and their community. All creators will earn the $MODL token simply by using the platform, which will allow them to influence platform features, core protocol, and the TopModel roadmap.

Expanded Revenue Streams

While TopModel offers premium content sales much like its competitors, TopModel offers significantly more revenue streams, including NFT sales, royalties on NFT resales, creator coins, and token allocations. NFTs in particular have a significantly higher earning potential because they demand higher prices in return for limited edition exclusive content. In addition, creators can earn a commission every time their NFT is re-sold, they can be tipped and gifted in their creator coins and can gain from increases in token value over time. For the platform, having multiple revenue streams also means being able to charge significantly lower fees.

Cryptocurrency Payments

TopModel accepts cryptocurrency payments, which means zero threat of having payment processing cut-off, instant payments to creator accounts, significantly lower fees, no minimum withdrawal limits and unlimited instant withdrawals. Of course, TopModel also accepts credit card payments for added convenience and is still highly competitive with its fees on sales paid by credit card.

Decentralized Identity Verification

TopModel uses advanced decentralized identity solutions and validators, including AI and machine learning to ensure age verified creators and users. All uploads take place on the blockchain, which means all uploads are tracked, verified and secure, and creator ownership is guaranteed so they will never lose rights to their content, or their funds.

How TopModel Works

  1. $MODL generation: A fixed number of $MODL tokens are generated. No new tokens are generated thereafter. Only a portion of tokens are made available at any one time, and these tokens are released as funds are needed to complete more work on the TopModel platform.
  2. Governance vote on $MODL allocation: Founding members of the TopModel community, including creators, developers and other team members will receive an allocation of $MODL token. A portion of $MODL tokens will also be released to the public in order to grow the TopModel community. These tokens allow holders the power to influence platform features, core protocol and the TopModel roadmap.
  3. Developers, models and influencers: Developers work to continuously build, maintain and improve the TopModel platform. Models and influencers promote the TopModel platform to their millions of fans via social media to create brand awareness and bring users to the site. Together, both developers, models and influencers create and grow the TopModel community. As additional people join the community, they can use the TopModel platform to build new apps, or even use TopModel code to build their own marketplaces with different themes or focuses.
  4. Work to grow revenue and $MODL: As developers, models and influencers work to grow the TopModel community, this leads to a more powerful TopModel brand, more creators and users actively using the TopModel platform, and thus, more TopModel revenues. These dynamics are what create the TopModel ecosystem and lead to an increase in the $MODL token value.
  5. TopModel Ecosystem: Once the TopModel ecosystem is established, the cycle begins to repeats itself. Over time, the TopModel ecosystem actually becomes a self-sustaining and self-perpetuating with the $MODL token increasing in value through every cycle and resulting in more gains for community members (token holders).
  6. Buy and burn $MODL: Whenever a $MODL token is bought or sold, a percentage of the transaction is disbursed to token holders as a reward for holding on to their token. Another percentage of the $MODL token is bought back and burned making the token more scarce over time, thereby further increasing token value.


We have currently signed two major models (to be announced soon!) with over 5 million fans between Twitter and Instagram alone. We are also in talks with a prominent model agency which will open the door to dozens of models, each with their own fan following in the millions. We are also receiving interest from other models and influencers daily and have over a dozen other models which we are on the process of signing at the time of writing this whitepaper.

With fan followings in the millions, these models and influencers have the ability to create viral posts endorsing TopModel and encouraging their fans to join the platform.

Market Size

While OnlyFans and Patreon have generated billions in revenues and are growing at astronomical rates, the market for NFTs has grown at an even higher velocity to over 20x total NFT sales from Q4 in 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

Simply put, the market for exclusive and premium content is growing exponentially. Circumstances like COVID-19 have only heightened people's desire for new ways to connect and interact with other people online due to increased isolation and working from home. TopModel is a next generation creator platform with less risk and greater upside - the market opportunity is enormous.


Fully loaded with all the same benefits as its competition - and way more - TopModel is owned by creators, for creators. In fact, TopModel disrupts the current platforms, like OnlyFans, Patreon and Gumroad, which limit creators to a high-volume, low- cost subscription model in return for paid content and access - that is they are dependent on unique users. Instead, TopModel offers creators multiple revenue streams to earn significantly more income, including premium content sales, NFT sales, royalties on NFT resales, creator coins, and $MODL tokens. Plus, TopModel has stronger verification protocols, and more reliable payment processing which includes lower fees, instant withdrawals, and no minimum withdrawal limits.. Simply put, TopModel provides a robust decentralized solution to current centralized platforms with significantly less risk and increased opportunities for monetization.

COMMISSION FEES5-20%20%5-12%3.5-8.5%


Premium Content Sales

TopModel, much like other creator platforms, allows creators to sell access to premium content through one-time purchases, monthly subscriptions, auctions and more. Creators can sell images, video clips and other content to fans who simply want access to premium or exclusive content but are not particular about owning exclusive NFTs. Payments for premium content sales will be accepted via cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

NFT Sales Revenues

With TopModel, creators can issue NFTs that unlock exclusive content, special fan perks or even physical goods at premium pricing. Unlike premium content sales which focus on the lower price points and a large number of paid subscribers, the focus of NFT sales is for a creator to appeal to their most loyal superfans, the ones who are willing to pay more for rare content, memorabilia, or experiences. With NFT sales, creators actually stand to make far more income each month with even a handful of high value sales.

Much like a traditional collectible, the less copies of an NFT there are in circulation, the more valuable it becomes. Creators on TopModel own their branding and have direct control over their pricing models by launching as many, or as few, NFTs as they would like, and by determining how many copies of each NFT they will release into circulation. As a result, creators can effectively appeal to their fans' desires and price points (by creating tiered pricing or auctions for their NFTs). Taking a tiered pricing model as an example, a creator may choose to launch 3 NFTs per month as follows:

  1. An exclusive NFT with only 1 to 3 copies in circulation for $5,000 USD.
  2. A premium NFT with 100 copies in circulation for $500 USD.
  3. A classic NFT with 1000 copies in circulation for $50 USD.

In the example above, let's assume the Creator only releases one exclusive NFT at $5,000 and sells 100% of the other two NFTs released into circulation as described in the example above - this equates to $35,000 USD of gross income per month on NFT sales alone!

Some examples of NFTs that creators can offer their fan base include:

  • NFTs that access digital content.
  • NFTs that unlock premium images, videos, and other content.
  • NFTs that are redeemable for offline goods. For example, ownership of a famous outfit the creator wore in a video or viral post.
  • NFTs that are redeemable for special perks or fan experiences. For example, NFTs that enable a user to get a 1-on-1 video chat with the creator, ask any question they want, get to provide input on the next video that the creator stars in, and so on.

The key to unlocking value in all of these crypto-centric opportunities with NFTs is making NFT issuance dead simple for creators. TopModel not only makes it far more profitable for creators, but it also makes it effortless for them to create and launch NFTs on the platform. Top Models and Influencers are only responsible for providing the images, videos, memorabilia or fan perks they wish to offer with their NFT drops and TopModel takes care of the rest - designing and creating the NFT, and setting it up on the platform.

Royalties on NFT Resales

In addition to direct NFT sales, TopModel is also working on allowing creators to better monetize their NFTs over a longer period of time. Our goal is for creators to experience increased value capture from programmatic transaction fees attached to the NFTs they create. This means that every time a creator's NFT is resold, they would receive a portion of the corresponding resale price as a royalty.

Creator Coins

Another unique feature of TopModel is creator coins. When a creator joins the TopModel platform, they will receive their own coin which their fans can purchase and hold on to (as a way to invest in the creator), or they can even use the coin to tip the creator. Creator coins go up in value as more and more coins are purchased. Creators also have the option to select a founder’s fee (typically 10%) so every time their creator coin is purchased, they receive 10% of the coin transaction. The more active a creator is on the platform, and the greater the fanbase the creator has, the greater their coin value is likely to be. Creators and users can buy and sell creator coins at any time in exchange for their current market value at the time of the transaction.

$MODL Token Allocation

Founding creators will also receive an allocation of the $MODL which has the potential for sizable gains. In addition, all creators will be able to earn tokens simply by using the TopModel platform - the more active they are on the platform, the more tokens they will earn. Additionally, any time the $MODL token is sold, a percentage of the transaction will be disbursed to other token holders as a reward for holding their token. As the TopModel ecosystem grows, the $MODL token is likely to go up in value, and this increase in token value is what creators stand to gain from. Of course, creators can sell their tokens at any time for the market value at the time of the transaction.

Other Benefits of TopModel

With transactions conducted in cryptocurrencies, this means greater privacy, less transaction fees and instant payments. Creators can not only keep more of their earnings with the TopModel platform with fees starting as low as 5%, but they can also enjoy daily withdrawals without holds, zero additional processing and transaction fees, and no minimum withdrawal limits.

Future Development and Opportunities

TopModel aims to continuously improve and push the boundaries of technologies to improve the creator and customer experience.

With experience in implementing and managing large VR membership sites, TopModel will explore and implement the ability for creators to integrate VR rooms and experiences.

To help improve decentralization and security of the TopModel platform, we will explore adding a staking component, allowing creators to secure the network and get back rewards for their participation.

Through creator and customer interviews, we have received feedback on creators wanting the ability to set up an ecommerce store to be able to sell some of their videos, images, and physical items. TopModel is in discussion with a decentralized eCommerce platform to allow TopModel creators to quickly create eCommerce stores to sell anywhere, anytime.

The Team Behind TopModel

Creating tomorrow’s technology today, our team is committed to solving complex centralized problems and building innovative decentralized solutions, using a combination of our decades of experience, the power of blockchain technology and open source code, and a strong foresight for what comes next.

Our expertise and experience spans multiple industries, including: digital entertainment, virtual reality, eCommerce, cybersecurity and privacy, programmatic advertising, digital marketing, and more.

To date, our team has successfully built multiple multi-million dollar products with over $1 billion in total sales and billions more active users, including a content creator platform which has now been successful for nearly a decade (since 2012). We have won over ten (10) awards for quality, reputation, and exceeding industry standards.

Currently, we are laser-focused on providing real-world decentralized solutions to the growing problems many privately-owned platforms are facing - age verification, payment processing and monetization.